TMNC Isolation Center

Barhathwa municipality ward no. 10 Of Sarlahi district. located Shri Mahendra Ratna Jagarnath Laxminiya Ma.V. The 25-bed Kovid-19 Temporary Isolation Center named ‘TMNC Isolation Center’ constructed on the initiative and leadership of social Activist Saroj Ray has been inaugurated at the Sitapur premises on Thursday.

Activist Saroj Rai, who is also the executive director of the isolation center, Mayor Devananda Mahato, Area Police Chief DSP Uddhav Singh Bhat and School Management Committee Chairman Rambabu Ray Yadav have jointly inaugurated the isolation center.

Activist Ray, who presided over the inauguration program, said that the isolation center was set up keeping in mind the possibility of a third wave of free treatment for the infected. He said that all the services including doctor’s service, other check-ups, medicines, nutritious food will be free of cost. Five doctors, some nurses and other technicians have been arranged for the center, all of which will provide free services.

Speaking at the inauguration function, Activist Roy expressed sorrow over the untimely death of TMNC member Saptari Bodhebersain from Alok Yadav’s corona and said that the isolation center was dedicated in his memory.

Praising the establishment of the Isolation Center, the chief guest Mayor Devananda said that the efforts and selfless contribution of the youth would never be forgotten by the soil of Barhathwa and urged all to join in such exemplary work.

Special guest of the program, Area Police Chief DSP Uddhav Singh Bhat said that he was impressed with the various social work being done by Activist Roy and pledged to provide necessary security to the isolation center. He said that the activism of the youth in such humanitarian work was a source of pride for the entire country.

Another special guest of the program, Rambabu Ray Yadav, Chairman of the School Management Committee, said that the treatment of corona infection is very challenging and risky but it is a sensitive issue to save lives. He said that he was satisfied.

Navin Yadav, coordinator of the Sarlahi Kovid-19 Rapid Response Team, who is volunteering in the management of the isolation center, said that his team would do its best to make it a model isolation center in the country.

According to the information given by Activist Ray, Volunteers Corp Nepal has provided 25 oxygen cylinders and other health items for the construction of the isolation. Similarly, Birendra Yadav, chairman of Bal Vikas Nepal, has assured that the center will provide some thermalguns and sanitizers and also help the center with medicines and food items. Venus Hospital is responsible for conducting free lab tests on patients. Janakalyan Samaj has donated 40 pieces Nevolizers and Sanjay Book Store has donated some pieces Masks and Face Shields. Lal Babu Ray, Mahendra Thakur and Madan Gupta have set up 25 medicine stands as well as financial support from some local donors.

Activist Saroj Ray is the Executive Director of the Board of Directors formed to operate the TMNC Isolation Center, Navin Yadav is the Management Coordinator, Birendra Yadav is the Financial Coordinator, Saroj Kushwaha is the Transport Management Coordinator, Ghanshyam Jha is the Food and Drug Coordinator, Krishna Dahal is the Publicity Coordinator and Sanjeev Yadav is the Medical Coordinator. Dr. in charge. Rajesh Yadav and one from the school.

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