Is it a health post or an old ghost bungalow ?

The condition of the health post in Malangwa Municipality Ward No. 7 Musaili is deplorable. The locals have repeatedly drawn the attention of ward chairman Mr. Pramod Yadav but he has not shown any interest.

The roof of the building is broken in places and there is no good chair to sit on, no medicine rack and no well managed health post. While the budget for road maintenance has been cut and hand pipes are being distributed from house to house through the politics of vote bank throughout the village.

Employees of the health post have complained that the ward chairperson did not pay attention to their request to install a hand pipe in the health post.

The fault here is not only of the ward chairman but also of the health post in-charge Salim Mikrani. The condition of the operating room is also chaotic. Ward representatives of other parties have also remained silent.

In this way, no one is concerned about the condition of this health post except a few active youths.
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