Justification of reservation: Ashok Yadav

Give the job of soldier to only four castes namely Khas, Magar, Gurung and Thakuri. Even in the courts, Thakuri should be treated with contempt, Magar should be considered, and one Pandit should be kept in the courts and the court should be run according to the jurisprudence (Divyopadesh, pp. 13-14).

Friends who gossip about reservations! You have been in the state alone for 240 years on the basis of caste and not merit. If there is little morality, you should be silent for another 240 years to compensate for the past, but as soon as the presence of the deprived community in every state body reaches the proportion of the population, we will take the lead to end the reservation. You don’t have to wait 240 years like we do.

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