Local youths protesting against the government by planting paddy on a muddy road on the occasion of National Paddy Day

Almost four years after the formation of the local government, the people in Lalbandi Municipality-17 Raniganj of Sarlahi district have not been able to feel the government’s experience. In other municipalities of Sarlahi, all the roads in the city have been paved and even after light rains in Raniganj, the general public cannot walk here. Even though the central government allocates crores of rupees for this municipality every year, it is not clear where and for what the budget is spent.

The locals have expressed their grief that the people’s representatives of the ward have not shown any interest in this regard. Similarly, locals Arjun Mahato, Rajesh Mahato, Mahanandan Mahato, Jageshwar Mahato, Anil Yadav and other youths have protested against the government led by Umesh Mahato on the National Paddy Day on the muddy road of the village.

Video source – Rudra Sinha

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