Madhesi : The real hero of Nepal

We need Madhes but we don’t need Madhesis. We need mountains but we don’t need sherpas, bhotes, lamas. We need as far as Lipulek but we don’t need the people of Karnali. We need people from all over Assam, Verma, Bhutan, Dehradun and all their relatives to match our faces, but we don’t need Madhesis.

We needed a mother to carry us in the womb, to give birth to us, to feed us with milk, to wipe our breasts, to cover our shame, to teach us to speak and to walk, but we did not need citizenship in the mother’s name. We want equality but women don’t want equal rights.

We are born from the sword of Prithvi Narayan! Those of us who studied in Mahendra’s school! Whether we are Congress or Communist. Be it RPP or identity activist. To deceive the Madhesis, we make the right impression on the paper to fulfill every demand, but then we deceive. We are proud to be betrayers. To this day, all the hills that sell this country in pieces. Till today, all the hartakars of the regime are in the hills. To this day, all the hills that push right in the treacherous opportunity. Even if we are ashamed to pass it, we are still born nationalists. Because we are mountains.

Moreover, if we belong to the ruling Khalak, then whatever we do, we are born strong! Narcissistic blind nationalism is such an abomination that it does not listen to logic. It does not look at facts. It does not read history. He only looks at his own race and only sees what is good for his race. Whether we are Marxists, Gandhians, Rama, Krishna, Jesus or Buddhists, we are addicted to mountain nationalism. India is sitting in Lanchaur and entering Valuwatar and making Daura Suruwal wake up – our heart does not hurt much. India is still doing its job with millions of people earning millions of rupees a month, from political parties to the military and the civil service, in all fields of academics / intellectuals – we don’t really care. Daura Suruwal and wearing a Dhaka hat makes our hearts beat faster. When we see dhoti and kurta, we get suspicious. Because we are pure mountains.

In Nepal, India is managing and monitoring microfinance and we have to fight against it. But that fight is not about betraying the Madhesis. Yes, there are some Madhesis who are Indian brokers. However, the hills are more brokers than that. The right thing is for all patriots to fight the Indian pimp together. To be the sorrowful friend of sincere Madhesis. If there is no one from Madhes to Himal, we will not be able to fight India without eating khukuri in the Mahabharata hills. It is the Madhesis, not the hills, who know who is a real Nepali and who is an intruder. When India crosses the border, the country, including the country, will lose its farm, school and house. It is the Madhesis, not the hill people, who have been repeatedly tortured by the Indian Border Security Force.

If we continue to treat foreigners, what will Madhes do one day if we can’t live with you? So let’s be friends with the real Madhesis and make the country a bunch. Let’s protect the independence of the country together with the Madhes hills and mountains. To do all this, first of all, let’s fight against the mountainous nationalism within ourselves. The problem may be local egoism or separatism, but the main problem is the mountainous nationalism that is currently in power and becoming a bone of contention in national unity.

Let those who were born from the sword of Prithvi Narayan and those who studied in Mahendra’s pathshala open their minds. If we do not wake up, it is not the intrusion of Madhesis but our ego that can tear this country apart. Let’s strengthen communal harmony and unity to avoid a situation where the country may fall apart.

Article by – Subash pandey

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