Nepal is a multi-national state: CK Sah

Yesterday, Mahato ji’s words “multinational state” looked as if it would blow away the sleep of the massive hypocrites, foxes covered with tiger skin. Read once written by Vibhuti Bhattarai.Nation’ and ‘race’ are considered synonyms. Both are called Nation in English. they need different meanings. A nation / race could be a human community supported a typical psychology with a typical language, culture, territory and economic character. A ‘state’ is a sovereign political entity with the ability to relate to a certain geography, population, government and other states. The culture of a certain caste is developed as ‘nationalism’ and established as a ‘nation-state’, while ‘nation’ and ‘state’ are understood as synonyms. But a society based on multiple castes, languages, religions and cultures is a ‘multi-nation state’. If the leader wearing ‘Daura Suruwal and Dhaka Hat’ had said the same thing, perhaps many would have understood and searched for it as ‘the limit of their studies’. But this was said by a ‘Madhesi’ leader. Now we do not need to understand what a ‘nation’ is, nor do we need to know the meaning of ‘state’! When a Madhesi leader spoke, he automatically became non-national. It is not necessary to search for such words, sentences, differences. That is the Discrimination. We have been looking at Madhesis (Madhes as a piece of heart) for centuries and showing the form of discriminatory behavior at different stages. How strong is it for Madhesis to endure this extreme ‘discrimination’ in their own state? It hurts to think “!!!

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