Participate in the municipal cleansing campaign.

As per the dateline till June 24, the countdown of municipalities across the country has now started along with the policies and programs. However, 72 out of 753 municipalities could not bring budget.

Preparations are now underway to elect a new leadership. All the current mayor-deputy mayor-ward chairpersons will bid farewell to all the people’s representatives.

Let’s find a suitable candidate in the municipal elections to be held in 8/9 months, let’s find a suitable candidate for the post of chief and ward chairman, maybe we will become candidates ourselves.

Let’s look for the youth, let’s choose the youth, let’s choose a worthy candidate not a party. Don’t pile up debt-expires in the name of honor, they buck-buck but don’t work.

Today’s need is to find a competent and educated candidate between the ages of 25 and 40 for the leadership of their respective municipalities.

Let’s not forget that here in this country
At the age of 23, Mahesh Basnet had won the VDC chairmanship.
– In 24 years, Uday Kumar Barbariya (Yadav) has become the mayor of Shahid Nagar.
Gagan Thapa has become an MP in 32 years
Sherdhan Rai has become the Chief Minister in 38 years
– Mahesh Basnet has become a minister in 36 years. There are so many examples.

Today’s municipality is not yesterday’s VDC, yesterday’s VDC was a part of the government of Nepal but today’s municipality is the government itself. And the leadership’s ability to run that government should be in line with that.

So now all the youth should have courage and improve their own municipality. The youth should ask for tickets in their respective parties, otherwise they should revolt. The able must win and the incapable must lose.


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