Rajendra Mahato became the Deputy Prime Minister for the first time

The Mahanta faction of the JSP has become a minister in the Oli government.

  1. Rajendra Mahato – Deputy Prime Minister and Urban Development
  2. Sharat Singh Bhandari – Energy Resources and Irrigation
  3. Anil Jha – Drinking water and sanitation
  4. Laxman Lal Karna – Land Management and Cooperatives
  5. Bimal Srivastava – Labor and Employment
  6. Umashankar Aragaria – Forest and Environment
  7. Chanda Chaudhary – Women and Children
  8. Ekbal Mian – Youth and Sports
  9. Chandrakant Chaudhary – Minister of State for Energy
  10. Renuka Gurung – Minister of State for Women, Children and Senior Citizens

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