TMNC, which has always been t the leading role of the madhes issue , will open a separate political party under its supervision : Bikash kumar Thakur (Coordinator)

Kathmandu: The Tarai Madhes National Council (TMNC) is set to form a political party. A meeting of the council held in Anamnagar on Saturday decided to form a political party.

According to TMNC, internal homework has been started for the formation of the political party and the party will be formed within the month of November. TMNC coordinator Bikash Thakur informed that the decision was taken to form a party accepting the need for TMNC to enter mainstream politics for the transformation of the country and Madhes.

Thakur said that TMNC will remain the same even if political parties are formed. He said that this would provide direction and control to the newly formed party. According to Thakur, both the old parties have lost their ideology and behavior and the society is collapsing due to their greed for power and interests and the demands and issues of the marginalized and oppressed communities have been hidden for years.

He said that TMNC should form a party to solve the basic problems of the people not only in the social sector but also in the politics of competition according to the time and circumstances. TMNC has been carrying out various agitations in Madhes and the country for the past seven years, raising political and social issues at different times. It has been putting the voices of the oppressed communities including Madhesi, Janajati, Dalit, Muslim and Tharu before the government and stakeholders.Opposition to the constitution-drafting process, opposition to the constitution, demand for a multinational state, Black Day on Asoj 3, Resistance Day, reservation movement, demand for the name of Province No. 2 to be Madhya Madhes, full proportional electoral system, anti-corruption campaign. , Has been carrying out activities including raising the voice of human rights.

Earlier, the TMNC had said that it would work with the political parties that share the same ideology, Madhes and the oppressed class or form a new party.

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